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Why I wrote “Get Projects Done”

IPADfiProjects are a great mechanism for delivering positive change in terms of either how we can improve what we are already doing, or even better, how to create new and innovative ways of deriving new benefits from previously unthought of ways of approaching work.

Project management has for too long been assumed to be a separate role or job. In some large scale projects this is the case. However, I want to focus on project delivery and the role that all project participants play in this. I have written this guide to help people whose day job is not project management, but where projects are a relatively frequent occurrence, and the successful delivery of the associated benefits is critical to them. I have seen too many projects either fail completely or deliver only partly what was expect. There are many reason for this, but they can be summarized by:

  1. Poorly defined goals.
  2. Insufficient or poorly executed planning.
  3. Lack of focus and management during the delivery phase.

The skills and mindset required to deliver successful projects can be learned. In this book, the aim is to start giving you those skills. I provide the simple processes, clear examples and a set of exercises that you can use to deliver your projects.

Projects management skills have helped me to achieve a lot of great things in life. I believe that they can also be of great benefit to you in life.

And so I have written this book to give you a how to guide for delivering projects. Knowledge that you can utilise on personal or business projects. Regardless of what role you fill on the projects, the learnings you will gain from reading this book will improve your performance hugely. I trust that you will enjoy the book and you can follow my writing at

The book launches on December 12th, 2014 and is available on Gumroad.

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