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WDS2014 Part4: Key lessons that I retained

This is the last wrap up on WDS2014, the summit which has left a very positive impact on how I approach what I do. The closing afternoon was very focused on giving and the WDS foundation funded three very deserving projects.

The Summary

Having sat down and review all my notes and asked myself, what is the most important lessons that I learned from each speaker, I came up with the following:

  • Create virtuous cycles
  • Take imperfect action – ninja focused action.
  • Use your voice and respect the voice of others.
  • What does your designed life look like, and are you living it?
  • Jump and a net will appear/
  • You will discover your superpower by showing up.
  • Dare to do.
  • I get projects done.
  • Show up and do.
  • Make good choices, daily choices.
  • Community, Adventure and Service – what does that mean in your life?

Think about them, you too may benefit from these lessons. I read these every morning.

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