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WDS2014 – A new horizon for me.

WDS2014 is large conference in Portland, Oregon hosted by Chris Guillebeau and his army of ambassadors. About 1,500 hundred people congregate in Portland for the conference, meetup and workshop that stretch from Thursday July 10 through to Monday July 13. The community of attendees is very broad from an industry perspective, but most have a strong creative streak and ally this with an online business focus.

I finally decided to come and experience the conference for myself this year.


Beautiful Portland.

Beautiful Portland.

My main goals over the coming days are:

  1. To meet and learn from a diverse group of attendees.
  2. Share my ideas and plans and get valuable feedback.
  3. Enjoy the event and Portland
  4. Learn, Learn, Learn – Web-based enterprises, self publishing are among my main goals.

That’s it – short and sweet and I will report back on how I get on. Take care.

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  1. Hi William, great to read you again. You bet me to it, WDS is defiantly on my dream list, how I’d love to go too.
    Please do share your experience and your take on it. Hope you love it.

    • Thanks Anna, I will share what I have learned, starting with a post tomorrow.

      The event was fab and I have bought my ticket for next year also!