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Simply Get Projects Done

Most of us just want to get our projects done. Right?

All too often there is a lot behind this. The small projects tend to be easy. Especially when they are personal projects. But then it comes to work projects. The big ones are crazy hard and their failure rates are scary. Take a look at the Chaos Report from the Standish Group (not an affiliate link – it cost $500 to buy! But you can see some of the salient details in the video below)! Up to 71% of projects are “Challenged” and 29% fail! This is all based on a sample of 50,000+ projects . Large ones, small ones, in corporations and in small companies and government bodies.

Who among you have worked on a project that got into trouble? I certainly have. Something is not right with how we deliver projects.

I have worked with great people over the years. All too often I have seen them struggle with delivering their part of the project. It made me wonder. Why are they were in awe of project managers and all the certification associated with that. They don’t need all the training, but they do need some of the skills.

Results count. And that is definitely the case for project. You have to get the project done. There is no hiding place. You have to deliver the benefits that are the reason the project got kicked off in the first place.

I believe that all projects are just a series of smaller interrelated projects. The people executing these smaller projects can benefit from having some project management skills. In fact, I believe it is a must for success.

And so I put a course together. If you are working on a project, but not the project manager, then it’s for you. If you are a project manager, then it’s for your project team.

Below is the first of a three part video series. The first video explains why we need this approach. The second video gives you an overview of what is in the course. And the third video gives you a look inside.

Video 1 – Why build this course?


Video 2 – Course Overview (coming soon)

Video 3 – A look inside (coming soon)

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