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Publish book project update

First draft 90% complete!

(26 out of 29 chapters complete)

Back in July I made a request for help editing my first book, “Get Projects Done”. I needed people to help me editing my book/manifesto, “Get Projects Done”. Thankfully, a small group of eight people agreed and we have been actively reviewing progress for the last several months. During this period, I have learned a lot about writing, editing and rewriting a book.

Don’t be afraid to start afresh.

The editing started with gusto and I had a full schedule of calls with the editors. The first week was very hard, as the message coming back indicated that the book lacked clarity in some respects. Firstly, exactly who was it aimed towards? To me that was clear, but not to the reader. I addressed that.

Secondly, the writing style was very verbose, hyphenated and all in all not enjoyable to read. While that was true, it knocked me for six. I digested the feedback and came to the conclusion that I needed to stop being a writer and start being me.

The result. I scrapped the book as it was written and started afresh. Sometimes wiping the slate clean is the only way forward.

Front loading the effort.

I recently came across Scott H Young and his adventure to go 1 year without speaking his mother tongue, english. When I looked into some of Scott’s other project, I came across an interesting concept of front loading. For example, you can front load your week by working extra hard on Monday through Wednesday, ease off on Thursday through Saturday and take Sunday as a day off. The concept appealed to me, so I gave it a go. I also upped the pace at which I wanted to write by 50%.

Week 1 was definitely a bedding in period. I worked hard at getting as complete as possible by Wednesday, but was still working on my writing on Sunday. Now in week 2, I am having greater success. I will probably hit my target for the week by Wednesday or Thursday latest.

Verdict so far. Front loading works, for me.

The editing process.

I am still learning here and am very fortunate to have some people who have helped me greatly here. Having said that, I feel that I engaged too much editorial comments from too many sources. Two people with diverse inputs would have sufficed. Next time I will take this on board.

I will also consider taking input from a professional copy editor. I feel I have a lot to learn yet. Any suggestions, please email me or leave a comment below.

When will “Get Projects Done” be ready?

All going well, it will be ready by the end of October, 2014. I know, a lot later than at first envisaged.

A review copy will be ready by early October and I will share extracts with the mailing list I have.

What next?

Nothing until I get this book complete and out into circulation.

I will then look at the editing process for a much bigger book, Recovering Troubled Projects, which is drafted and has been through one editing loop.

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