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Project success – a key ingredient

A bias towards action

Delivering success on a project can be a complex endeavor.¬†A huge amount of planning is required – but, it is all for nothing if you do not deliver. Therefore, you need to ensure that in all you undertake, you have a bias towards action. Over time, this will deliver results for you. So what does it look like …

Don’t over analyse

Small steps – often we get stuck trying to work out every detail and it is important to work things through, but we have to start, so start with small steps and you will be surprised by your progress over time.

Keep a record – keep a daily record and review at the end of the

Keep an eye on the goal – make sure that you do a regular review of where you are now and where you want to be in the future – the way that you are going to make progress is through action.

Show up – be consistent in your performance and show up everyday and do something to move the project along.

Celebrate, your progress over time. To do this, you need to firstly keep a record and secondly take consistent action.

Ask for and seek help – if in doubt ask someone for help or research online – there is a wealth of knowledge out there; people love to help others.

Small steps + consistency + tenacity + direction deliver success

So, I am keeping this short, so that you can take some action. Take one actionable item from this post and start doing it. After seven days review and decide whether it made a difference; then take action based on that evaluation.

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