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One Project: Writing Get Projects Done

I started out at the start of the year with the concept of writing a book. I sat down and put my initial thoughts on paper. Out of that short session, I could see that there were in fact two books, one of which I am launching in a few weeks time called “Get Projects Done”, and a second one which will come next year.

As I mapped out what I felt needed to be done, there was a lot of research, writing, learning, editing, formatting, re-reading, and working with a publisher. Then unexpectedly the publishing route did not look the right thing to do, so I had to work out how to self-publish.

Throughout the complete journey, I treated the undertaking as a project and always had faith that I would get through the book and publish.

It has not been easy, and at one stage I had to scrap a significant amount of writing and start all over again. I have learned more about self-publishing and blogging than I would ever have thought I would have use for. My appetite to learn even more has grown hugely.

Once I get the book published, I will write an extensive post on all that I have learned and what I will be doing differently for the next book. But, for now it is all eyes on “Get Projects Done”.

The book will launch on December 12th, and all subscriber get it for free on that day – so enter your details below and you can get a free copy on that day.

The book, “Get Projects Done”, will launch on Friday, December 12th, 2014 as an eBook and will be free for the first 24 hours to all subscribers. So, enter your details below and share this with anyone whom you feel would benefit from having the book.

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  1. Best wishes with your book William! They say every man in his lifetime, should go an adventure, father a child and write a book! Check!

    Looking forward to reading it, hoping it might help with my college work.
    Best wishes.

    • Thanks Jon. Make sure you spread the world. While the book may have been in me, its been a body of work to get to this stage. Now I just want as many people as possible to have access to it. W

  2. Good luck. I know you have the experiences to write an excellent guide. I look forward to reading the book.

  3. Hey William Congrats on the book. I am looking forward to reading it…
    Will pass it one to some of my colleagues in here
    Best regards Joanne