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We all are involved in project almost every day. At work, at home or in the community. Often times they don’t quite work out as we would like them too. Why? Bad project manager? Well, I believe that it because too many people do not have the skills required to help the project to be a success and focus on delivering the great benefits expected. This is the role of everyone working on or supporting the project. So I wrote a book, called “Get Projects Done”. It is a how to guide on getting projects done, aimed at people whose day job is not project management, but where projects are an important part of their life. It takes my experience over 25 years and condenses it into the essentials. I have also made some templates and a short video to help you on your way to successful delivery of your project.

What’s covered in the e-book?

The book is broken in to 7 sections.
  1. Introduction
  2. Concept – dealing with the early ideation stage of projects.
  3. Select – dealing with selecting the right projects for execution.
  4. Define & Plan
  5. Execution & Management
  6. Project Close-Out
  7. Habits to aid project delivery
In addition to this, I have included in some templates to make things easier.
  • A video on writing a project briefing for any project
  • Templates for Project Brief, Basis of Estimate, Document Deliverables List, Project Kickstart Checklist
  • Examples of a Project Brief, Milestone Sequence Chart.

How can I get it?

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ebook plus templates

“Get Projects Done” e-book including templates and examples of documents referenced in the book. All in electronic form. All for just $49.

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