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The book – Get Projects Done – is done!

Finally I have completed the book – “Get Project Done”. It’s a simple how to guide in the key learning that all people with even a peripheral involvement in projects need to make sure that they maximise their contribution.

There are a couple of more steps that I need to take, but I am hoping that they will not be too difficult.

Firstly, I need to do a final review and I have a very generous and able helper who is assisting me. I am targeting to have this complete, including any edits by November 30th.

In the meantime I need to set up my Gumroad account and get the self publishing element complete.

And finally, a part where you can help. Let people know about the book so that it can have the desired effect of bringing a bit more project management learning to all those involved in projects. The book is aimed toward people who are involved in projects but are not necessarily the project managers (I hope the PMs know all this stuff!). It is geared towards people executing as project team members, functional managers who have projects underway that they are responsible for, project sponsors, end customers of projects and so on.

So please, spread the word. Get people to sign up below and I will let them know when it launches. I expect to launch the book on Friday, December 12th, 2014 as an eBook.

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