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Can you help me?

Hello to you all – I need some help!

My book on recovering projects is now in editing and I have begun a short book on “Getting Projects Done”. It looks at the fundamentals to delivering projects with all the project management speak and a reduced amount of management overhead – focusing on the details of delivery.

The book has sections on:

  1. Creating the best environment for delivery
  2. The process of project delivery
  3. Habits and mindset
  4. Skills worth developing
  5. Principles, values and ethos
  6. Teach by Doing, Learn by Doing (my project delivery model where I show step by step how I have execute and urge you to take on a project to help consolidate the information in the book).

How can you help?

If you are interested in editing or participating in the Teach by Doing, Learn by Doing exercise, then please email me at or enter your details below. You need to be willing to commit of the order of two hours per week over a six-week period at a minimum and up to ten weeks at most.

No prior project management experience necessary!


Starts next week, so I need to hear from you by August 4th, 2014

I would really appreciate your help.


Thanks, William

I am willing to help with the Get Projects Done manifesto (by Aug 4th)

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