I’m William Lacey

I am an entrepreneur since age 29. Founder of four companies. Experienced in computerised manufacturing and control systems in power generation, high-speed trains and pharma/biotechnology industries. The companies I formed have operated in service delivery and product development.

I have been a project manager from the start. Projects have been part of everything I do. This began with landscape gardening activities when I was a teenager. Later it involved power generation plants, high-speed trains and large-scale biotech projects. The capital project values have ranged from €500k all the way to €500 million. As well projects, I have developed four start-ups. Project delivery methods have thought me so much. From how to approach realising my dreams, how to deal with the unexpected and the power of great teams.

I am a proud Irishman, husband and father. I am a citizen of the world, having worked all over Europe, in the US and Africa. I have strong Irish roots and a great family behind me.

I love sport and all that it can teach us. The value and power of teams. How scoreboards change the game. The importance of training and persistence. Staying at the top of your game is harder than getting to the top. How sporting lessons can transfer to business and life is a constant fascination for me. I am observing with great interest the improvements in my football club’s(Liverpool FC) performance.

I focus my time on:

  • Project delivery training for the team members on projects. It’s called “Get Projects Done”, and teaches basic project management skills to the people doing the project work.Get Projects Done Course-logo
  • Front end strategic planning for projects. This involves an array of activities including
    • Review of the overall project portfolio
    • PMO assessments or setup
    • Project system review and audit
    • Project reviews and audits
  • Keynote speaking
    • How to “Get Projects Done”
    • Project management for senior leaders
    • Project management for entrepreneurs
  • Writing
    • I publish to my blog Tuesday through Thursday each week. All on the topic of project management and business
    • Revising my first book
    • Drafting a new book to be published late 2016

Social media

  • Connect with me on LinkedIn

  • I am on Instagram, but not very active yet

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