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2016 Planning

A simple case study

2016 is coming upon us. Part of my end of year routine is to review 2015 and set some goals for 2016. I started this exercise recently. Guess what? Some simple project management practices can improve the quality of setting goals. And it also helps you take action towards those goals.

Let me share one example with you. One of my goals is what I call “EatMoveSleep”. The move part of this relates to my general activity levels. My day job has me sitting a lot. Too much. Driving, flying, office and normal daily activities have me seated most of the day. More than 12 hours a day I estimate.

I want to change this. I want to add in a base hourly movement load to my lifestyle. Over the course of the day, I want this to equate to 10,000 steps, not including gym activity. This is a project to me. So I used the principle of developing a project charter to define the specifics. I use my 90-8-8 systems to develop this charter. This mean answering 8 questions on:

  1. Purpose
  2. Desired outcome
  3. Target groups and values
  4. Roles
  5. Milestones and budget
  6. How I plan to achieve the desired outcome
  7. What does success look like
  8. Connected projects – what are they and how will they influence the success or failure.

For this, a personal project, I wrote this up in Trello. Here is what this “project charter” looks like.

A simple project charter

A simple project charter

Do you develop a project charter for all projects. If yes, well done.

If not, start doing it now by using the 90-8-8 systems.

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